Vince Pastano is Italy's most famous rock/pop guitar player and up and coming producer. Since 2014 he routinely plays in front of 70'000 people per night sold out stadiums with Italy's biggest and best selling rock star Vasco Rossi and one of Italy's biggest pop starsLuca Carboni.

Although largely unknown in the US,Vasco Rossi has sold more than 600'000 copies of his last record, on which Vince Pastano played guitar and helped arrange. Vasco Rossi can hire anyone from anywhere, and in fact has hired americans Will Hunt (from Evanescence, Black Label Society) and Stef Burns (Alice Cooper, Huey Lews and the News) for his band; and yet, after discovering Vince Pastano through his producer Guido Elmi, Vasco recognized Vince's unique talent, sounds, guitar wizardry and artistry and immediately snatched him from the scene and put him in the spotlight.

Vince is currently the most recognized young name of rock guitar in Italy.

Vince, who is still in his thirties, has been playing professionally for almost 20 years, and in that time has played with some of Italy's most recognized artists, performers and producers, including Lucio Dalla, Beppe D’Onghia, Guido Elmi, Mauro Malavasi, Eugenio Bennato, Roy Paci, Pino Daniele as well as members of Litfiba and Ligabue. Even international acts and producers such as Hiroko Kouda, George Mann and 3-time Grammy Award winner Marc Urselli have enlisted Vince for guitar work on their albums.

Vince runs his own record label (Liquido Records) where he produces up and coming talent such as Guide Elmi's latest record, Araliya, Andrea De Luca, Davide Berardi, Massimiliano Martines, Rocio Rico Romero and many others.

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